The Club

TellurideFlights was originally born to bring visitors to Telluride.
  • We learned
  • your time is valuable and that you’d like to be able to enjoy your final destination regardless of where it is, more often, with less hassle and
  • pay less to get there.
  • By committing to bulk purchases from major operators across the country we are able to get reduced rates – which we pass on to
    Club members.
  • Thus your charges are reduced substantially –
  • way below normal charter rates
  • and
  • below other club rates.
  • The club allows members to book private planes for less.
  • Our sole purpose now is to fly you to any destination at substantially lower costs than other clubs, fractional’s and operators.
  • Also, check out our Club Partners tab – for additional savings.

The 7 Passenger Light Jet

We focused our efforts on an aircraft that is cost efficient, while maintaining the highest standards for safety.

We fly you directly into Telluride Regional Airport from any city…


because it shouldn’t take all day to get to where you’re going

When we say
“All Roads Lead to Telluride”,
it literally means …..

Not Montrose, Not Denver!

Or Not

  • Fly to any destination using the Club planes
  • and
  • still get the discounts!

Frequently Asked Questions –

  • Question – Do I have to start my flight from my home city?
  • Answer – No. You may fly commercially to a city like Denver where we pick you up or we can come to the city that you wish to depart.
  • Question – As a member, can I use the club plane to fly to other destinations?
  • Answer – Yes! You may fly to any destination.
  • Question – Do you have larger/smaller planes that I can use if necessary?
  • Answer – Yes! You may upgrade or downgrade depending on your requirements.

Downgrade – 4 passenger capacity

Upgrade – 6 passenger with extra storage

Upgrade – Spaciousness / comfort with flight attendant

VIP Upgrade – Includes Stateroom with Full Shower

Cost Comparison

City Name Charter Operator’sAverage Cost -
One Way
“The Club's” Average Cost -
One Way
Savings with “The Club” based on
3 RT’s per year
Dallas $12,660.00 $9,600.00 $18,363.00
Houston $13,940.00 $10,800.00 $18,840.00
LA $12,500.00 $9,450.00 $18,000.00
Oakland $14,492.50 $10,250.00 $25,455.00
Chicago $16,011.00 $11,850.00 $24,966.00
NYC $25,250.00 $16,750.00 $51,000.00
Atlanta $21,779.00 $13,875.00 $47,421.00
Miami $21,650.00 $16,650.00 $30,000.00
Denver **$4,800.00 **$3,450.00 **$8,100.00
Denver $7,000.00 ***$4,275.00 ***$15,500.00
Scottsdale $7,400.00 *$2,950.00 *$26,700.00
Scottsdale **$4,950.00 **$14,700.00
Scottsdale ***$5,950.00 ***$8,700.00
All price comparisons are based on a"light jet"- unless stated otherwise.
* Single Prop
** Twin Prop
*** V Light Jet
As of 9/1/17


Annual Commitment

  • $3500 where 4 members of a family may book a flight
  • or
  • $ 6500 for a corporation where 4 designated people can book a flight
  • Commitment consists of
  • 3 round trips or 6 single leg flights per year
  • ($5,000 will be applied to each RT flight or $ 2500 applied to each single leg flight)

Planes are subject to availability
~better book early~

Rates subject to change during Peak Periods


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