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Yes we book vacations on the sea, beginning with custom service to you in the air!

All of our charters are operated by FAA-licensed air carriers. We are dedicated to finding charter operators who provide luxury planes that take you non-stop to Telluride, Colorado or ANY WORLDWIDE DESTINATION. Our partnership since 2005 with Fairmont Hotels & Resorts Worldwide makes it even easier to combine travel & lodging around the world. Top it all off with a weeks vacation on a super yacht or an intimate, but luxurious sailboat. We book vacations on the sea and beginning with custom service to you in the air. From private car pick-up to fine catered food, let us arrange it all!

We have a specialty securing Large Aircraft for Charter, Lease or Sale. Click here to see our 'Big Planes' newsletter for the latest images of these Super Luxury Aircraft. From the MD-87 to the Global to BBJ’s and Airbuses of various sizes, we are at your service! The smaller aircraft seats 7 to 15 comfortably and in style. Roundtrip charter prices vary depending on the aircraft type and passenger capacity. The choice is yours to pay for commercial first class and still have to arrive 2hrs early, remove your shoes, underwire bra and leave your tweezers behind OR ditch the hassles and let us arrange a carefree departure for you, respectfully.

We are proud to announce our new Telluride Flights Worldwide Children's Relief Fund as of 2007. We arrange flights everywhere on the planet and cannot help but notice that there are children hurting everyplace we visit. So, in the spirit of sharing wealth the foundation was created. IT’S UP TO YOU TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Give generously any time of the year.

Whatever type of property you are looking to buy or sell, you can receive a percentage back in the form of credit with our company to be used for Private Flights, Yacht Vacations or Fairmont Resorts. Why buy a house with any other broker when you can buy one through us and get flights to go with it? If you already have a broker, we are happy to work with him/her. We also offer a Pre-Payment Program and a Club Program to help you get flying private for less. Contact Us to find out more.

With Telluride Flights, you have a choice of Custom Flights or Club Participation. There are no strings attached, JUST SERVICE. And remember, WE'RE NOT JUST TELLURIDE, WE'RE WORLDWIDE.

* By submitting this information, you are authorizing Telluride Flights to act as your agent in arranging charter air transportation to be performed by an FAA-licensed charter operator.

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